Marian Veelo
Native Speaker

I am Marian van Veelo – Mohan and I am the English native speaker at De Bongerd primary school.

I was born and grew up in Singapore, lived in Australia for 7 years and have now lived in the Netherlands for 5 years. I am married and my daughter Emily is in group one here at De Bongerd. My son Bruce is 18 months old.

I studied English literature and theater at Murdoch University in Australia and I have always been passionate about learning as well as the English language. Moving here and having to learn an entirely new language has only made my love for language grow.

I am enjoying teaching English at De Bongerd and I hope to help the students be enthusiastic about learning English.

We do things in the English Room differently from most of the English lessons the children have in their own classrooms. The purpose of the English Room is to give students a space where they can all practice listening to and speaking in English. We work in small groups and each small group spends 15 minutes each week in the English Room. This gives us a chance to play games, sing songs, and do different exercises to learn words and basic conversation skills (depending on the level of the group).

The younger children up to group 2 are mainly expected to understand simple conversations in English. They are allowed to answer questions in Dutch, but because we work with themes over the year, we practice repeating words associated with our theme each week.

Groups 3 to 6 understand more than the little ones and because they can read, we play more games based on hearing and often spelling different words related to the topics they are working on in their own classrooms.

Groups 7 and 8 can mostly follow basic English easily. We usually practice speaking in short sentences and often play games that involve asking each other short questions and giving short replies.

Our goal is to have English be a part of the everyday for every child and for learning the language to be a fun experience for every child. We encourage our students to repeat words they know, or say things in English if they can. So don’t be surprised to hear a song or to have things said to you in English at home!